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Grade 1 Conquistas
Youve shattered each of Bloodwebs eight frozen legs. As they say: break a leg, and then some more.
Back the Dead
You overcame the undead Zanakeph and sent him back into the darkness that spawned him.
Back into the Abyss
Youve cut off a whole lot of tentacles today. Thul was driven back to he belongs.
Warm, furry and cuddly - though that same bear you just hugged would probably rip you into pieces if he had been conscious, he reminded you of that old teddy bear which always slept in your bed when you were still small.
Beautiful Agony
Ethershrecks cry of agony kept ringing in your ear for hours after he had dissolved into thin air. He probably moved to another plane of existence... for a while.
Best there was!
You came back the stronger hell than before, you caused destruction in evil that it existed.
Blood-Red Snapper
Youve tainted the jungle floor with the Snappers crimson blood.
Born in Carlin
Born in Carlin !! A service of Queen Eloise.
Born in Thais
Born in Thais!! In service of the King Tibianus.
Breaking The Ice
You almost made friends with Shardhead... before he died. Poor guy only seems to attract violence with his frosty attitude.
Choking on Her Venom
The Old Widow fell prey to your supreme hunting skills.
Crawling Death
You ripped the ancient scarab Fleshcrawler apart and made sure he didnt get under your skin.
Dreams Over
No more fear and bad dreams. You stabbed Tormentor to death with its scythe leg.
Enter zze Draken!
You gave zzze draken a tazte of your finizzzing move.
You wiped out Orcus the Cruel in the Arena of Svargrond. Youre still a bit green behind the ears, but theres some great potential.
Hissing Downfall
Youve vansquished the Noxious Spawn and his serpentine heart.
Howly Silence
You muted the everlasting howling of Hemming.
Just Cracked Me Up!
Stonecrackers head was much softer than the stones he threw at you.
No joke, you murdered the bat.
Meat Skewer
Youve impaled the big mammoth Bloodtusk with his own tusks.
No More Hiding
Youve found a well-hidden spider queen and caught her off guard in the middle of her meal.
On the grounds of Grendor
It landed in the mystical lands of Grendor.
One Less
The Many is no more, but how many more are there? One can never know.
Rootless Behaviour
Youve descended into the swampy depths of Deathbines lair and made quick work of it.
Scorched Flames
A mighty blaze went out today. Its Flameborns turn to wait for his rebirth in the eternal cycle of life and death.
You put out the Spirit of Fires flames in the arena of Svargrond. Arena fights are for you - fair, square, with simple rules and one-on-one battles.
Something Smells
Youve exinguished the Sulphur Scuttlers gas clouds and made the air in his cave a little better... at least for a while.
Spareribs for Dinner
Ribstride is striding no more. He had quite a few ribs to spare though.
The Drowned Sea God
As the killer of Leviathan, the giant sea serpent, his underwater kingdom is now under your reign.
The Gates of Hell
It seems the gates to the underworld have to remain unprotected for a while. Kerberos, the mighty hellhound, lost his head. All three of them.
The Serpents Bride
You made a knot with Gorgos living curls and took her scalp. You couldnt save her countless petrified victims, but at least you didnt become one.
Twisted Mutation
Youve slain Esmeralda, the most hideous and aggressive of the mutated rats. No one will know that you almost lost a finger in the process.

Grade 2 Conquistas
Youve daringly jumped into the infamous Annihilator and survived - taking home fame, glory and your reward.
You dont carry that stake just for decoration - youre prepared to use it. Usually youre seen hightailing through the deepest dungeons leaving a trail of slain demons. Whoever dares stand in your way should prepare to die.
High Inquisitor
Youre the one who poses the questions around here, and you know how to get the answers you want to hear. Besides, youre a famous exorcist and slay a few vampires and demons here and there. You and your stake are a perfect team.
Master of the Nexus
You were able to fight your way through the countless hordes in the Demon Forge. Once more you proved that nothing is impossible.
Youre proficient in the darker ways of magic and are usually found sitting inside a circle of candles and skulls muttering unspeakable words. Dont carry things too far or the demons might come get you.
Warlord of Svargrond
You sent the Obliverator into oblivion in the arena of Svargrond and defeated nine other dangerous enemies on the way. All hail the Warlord of Svargrond!

Grade 3 Conquistas
Dread Lord
You dont care for rules that others set up and shape the world to your liking. Having left behind meaningless conventions and morals, you prize only the power you wield. Youre a master of your fate and battle to cleanse the world.
Youre one of the brave heroes to face and defeat the mysterious demon oak and all the critters it threw in your face. Wielding your blessed axe no tree dares stand in your way - demonic or not.
Lord Protector
You proved yourself - not only in your dreams - and possess a strong and spiritual mind. Your valorous fight against demons and the undead plague has granted you the highest and most respected rank among the Nightmare Knights.

Grade 4 Conquistas
Atualmente, não há conquistas desta grade. Vamos adicionar emocionantes novas realizações em futuras atualizações, então fique atento!

Grade 5 Conquistas
The first players to reach level 200
The first players to reach level 200

Conquistas Secretas
Além das conquistas comuns, existem 4 conquistas que você precisa descobrir por si mesmo. Não há informações sobre essas conquistas em nosso site. Mantenha seus olhos e ouvidos abertos! Talvez você consiga uma dica no jogo ou no fórum.
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